Capturing Life’s Most Beautiful Moments

Hi, I’m Ana

I am a Lafayette Louisiana girl born and raised. Photography caught my attention at a young age. I discovered that capturing beautiful moments was my passion thus, leading me to pursue studying the art of digital photography at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I aspire to find the heart and life of every thing around me.

A few random things about me…

Some may say, I am addicted to pinterest. When I see a bride walking down the aisle, you may see my ugly cry face. I may or may not want to be a rapper when I grow up. My go-to snack is sweet tea and hot fries. Google is my best friend. I love finding garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops. I would be barefoot all the time if it were socially acceptable. One of my favorite things to do all the time and any time is TRAVEL!

P.S. I am not afraid of flying 😉